Spotify Download: How to download Spotify to MP3 by Spotify Downloader

Many people like to use Spotify to discover music, however, it is not so easy to convert Spotify to MP3, which can be listened here and there and can also record in CDs. In the article, I will introduce you a professional and easy-handle Spotify Downloader program to help you free record/download Spotify online music and convert Spotify to MP3 format with simple clicks..

As a streaming radio service, Spotify enables you an unprecedented way to discover new music. For Spotify lovers, many may want to download Spotify and convert the music from Spotify to MP3 so that they can listen music in any time or even on car players and into CDs for collection. Thus, you will need a third-party Spotify Downloader program to help you.

Here, I recommend you an excellent Spotify Download program Streaming Audio Recorder, with which you can free record, download and convert streaming audio into MP3 format only by clicking here and there. Of course, please make sure that the Spotify Downloader & Converter is completely only for personal use.

I will now show you how to handle the Spotify Download program to get free music from Spotify to MP3 in a few steps. You can now download free trial version of the Spotify Music Downloader & Recorder – Streaming Audio Recorder below. Just follow me.

At the very beginning, please install and run the Spotify Download & Record program on your personal computer. We take windows version as example here, for Mac version of Spotify Downloader, which is similar with windows version.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 1: Run the Spotify to MP3 Music Downloader & Converter

After running the Spotify music downloader program, please press the “Record” button on the upper-left corner. Then you can choose any online Spotify song which you want to download & convert into MP3 in your browser.
Spotify music downloader

Step 2: Download Spotify to MP3 with the Spotify Music Downloader

When the online Spotify song plays through your computer's sound card, the Spotify Downloader software will begin to delete and record the audio. Thus if you don't want to be interfered by other sounds when recording, make sure no other audio plays. Once the Spotify music ended, you can click “Record” to stop recording.

Notes: The Spotify Downloader software can intelligently recognize song info including artist, album cover & name when you download Spotify music. And it can also download music from other music sharing sites, like YouTube, Pandora, Napster, Rhapsody, Vimeo …..

Through the professional Spotify Downloader program Streaming Audio Recorder, you don't need to point out MP3 as the output format. The recording will be automatically with the Spotify music downloader app, too. After the music downloader & converter, you can make use of the MP3 files well.

Now, you can download a free trial version of Spotify Streaming Audio Downloader to do the Spotify Download & Convert. If you want to learn more about the professional Spotify Music Downloader program, you can also visit above video tutorial about how to download music from Spotify on Windows.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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