Music Streaming Download: Get free music from Pandora by Streaming Download software
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This article aims to solve streaming music download problem. Many people would like to know how to get music freely from Pandora, Spotify, or YouTube, etc., such streaming sites. In fact, you just need the streaming download software, here we recommend – Streaming Download for Mac. And no more words need to describe this genius Music Streaming Download software rather than perfect. This version of Music Streaming Download App can give you amazing music ear revolution experience with three key features.

Streaming Download for Mac possess automatically detect function to help you grab all the streaming media itself. With the help of it, you can just open your web browser and access the audio stream you like to record. This can’t be easier than just hitting the Record button and get record. Automatically Detect function can immediately get the streaming media and save your energy and time.

Streaming Download for Mac is a professional Streaming Download software, and it would definitely not let you down in quality. As the best Streaming Download software showed in the market, you can totally use it for professional aims. This best is the real best for sound quality because Wondershare Streaming Download for Mac could record music with 100% of the original audio quality. No matter what it is, it can promise that this Audio Streaming Download can keep the same as you can hear online exactly. And this is very hard for other Streaming download. We bet that nobody would like to put the broken audio into their personal computer cause that doesn't worth it.

There is nothing Wondershare Streaming Download for Mac can't do, just something you don't think about. Genius Wondershare Streaming Download for Mac can grab the music info from online when it records the audio. Music info would be important once you hear the new music songs and have no idea what that is, such as artist, album and genre. With the help of it, you are not necessary to find the info in the wide web , just enjoy your music and take the service from this perfect Audio Streaming Download.

It is easy to say, but hard to do. Then you have to try the powerful Streaming Download for Mac personally, and download a free trail version show below and test it as you like. You can just follow up above video tutorial about “how to get free music from Pandora by the streaming download app” or below step by step user guide to try yourself.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 1: Download & run the Wondershare Streaming Download for Mac

Install Music Streaming Download

Step 2: Record music with Streaming Download for Mac

Streaming download online music

Open your browser. As long as you have found the audio or video stream you would like to record, go to Streaming Download for Mac. The software will automatically detect the stream quickly. Click the Record button, and musical notes will appear to let you know your track is recording already.

Step 3: Get Music/Songs info by Streaming Download for Mac

After you finish recording the audio, you could see the track icon at the bottom of the Recording interface. Move your mouse on it and click Music identify to let it get the details. Or you can go to the Library, click on Music identify. That's it!

See, how great the Streaming Download for Mac is! But if you're using the trial version of Streaming Downloader for Mac, you are just allowed to get music info for 10 songs manually.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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