Stream Audio Recorder for Windows

Stream Audio Downloader (Win)

Streaming Audio Downloader for Windows provides everything you need to record or download, save or edit your favorite songs, from radio broadcasts and anything else streaming online with zero quality loss, such as YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, etc.

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Stream Audio downloader for mac

Stream Audio Downloader (Mac)

Stream Audio Downloader (AllMyMusic) for Mac, which is the best Stream Downloads for Mac & Streaming Download for iPod Touch / iPhone 5S / iPad Mini directly, allows you to freely record any online stream music/radio with 1:1 quality in simply clips.

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I had spent half a day looking for an audio streaming recorder and found nothing but frustration. Several programs contained malware and crashed my pc to boot...even from reputable sites. I am so happy I found this program. It does exactly what I need it to do and it WORKS. No settings, no timing. You just press record and it records all by itself. Didn't even read instructions. No malware, spyware, stupid toolbars. Can't beat that.


I just recently bought this program and i feel it is worth every penny. This program not only allows you to record audio but when it records it also adds the genre,artist,song name,album, and the album cover for iTunes when you transfer them.(at least with spotify) If you haven't already bought this program i HIGHLY suggest you do!